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How to Unhurry Workbook

How to Unhurry is the digital companion to my book The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry. As much as I love reading and writing, ideas are just the beginning. Unless they move from our mind into our body, they don’t become reality. To that end, I’ve made up this short digital companion with some exercises to get you started on each of the four practices.

Five things to watch out for in times of hardship

I woke up Sunday morning to the horror of 49 killed, and 49 hospitalized in the massacre in Orlando. And the crazy thing? I wasn’t shocked. Or even surprised. Mass shootings have become a “new normal” in our country. Heinous, sadistic violence has become commonplace. God, why?

Clothes and Slaves

As a growing crowd gathers around the small window into fashion industry’s dark underbelly, the companies operating therein rush to the dimmer switch. The further we can peer beyond our cheap, disposable garments, beyond even the well-publicized horror of factory conditions, the uglier the view gets.

The True Cost

So two years ago I was oppressing people every day. I was directly contributing to a world where half the population lives on less than three dollars a day and twenty eight million people live in slavery. I was the epitome of the oblivious, insensitive, rich Westerner getting even richer off the blood, sweat and tears of the poor. And I had no clue.

Garden City is Out!

Hey friends, I have a new book out today. It’s called Garden City: Work, Rest, and the Art of Being Human.

I am not a machine (free chapter from Garden City)

I was twenty-three when we started the church. Who knows anything about anything at twenty-three? But from day one God was up to something unique. Lots of people were coming to Jesus, even more people were getting turned inside out by Jesus’ way, and the growth was explosive.